Repeating Group not showing all my Data

Hi! I’m working with two databases two different repeating groups, one has a database of projects (in this case we are looking for the project’s name) and the second one has the earnings by month depending on the project name of that cell/row, so in second repeating group I want to display the income of the project displayed by month (each cell in my repeating group is a month).

When I click the inspect button, it tells me that the data source is correct and it has all the values that I want, but in the RG display it doesn’t show and some values are invisible.
I thought it was because some months/incomes of some projects were blank so I already checked the “ignore empty constraints” cell but still not working.

I will leave some images of how my RGs are working.

As you can see on some projects like “Aloe Jaumave” the total income is 950, but in that repeating group cells the incomes doesn’t appear, just some 0’s at the start when I should have some numbers in the 5th/6th cell.

Thanks in advance, let me know if you need some more info!