Repeating Group Returning Incomplete Data from API

I’ve got an external API that is getting data and feeding it to a Repeating Group. The most recent results are showing up, but the Repeating Group seems to stop after a certain number of records. I get 23 records, when I should be in the 100s. The API is correctly returning the number of records via the developer interface on the source end, so I can only presume there’s some issue with the repeating group.

Any thoughts or best practices here? I’m trying to avoid duplicating all the data over into Bubble’s database, but if that’s what I need to do, I’ll do it.

Can you share your RG settings?

The repeating group won’t load all of the data at once unless you have it set on Full list
I think it’s returning 23 items because your page is a certain height that fits 23 items on it, if it’s on Vertical scrolling mode.

If that’s not the case, run the page in debug mode in bubble (add debug_mode=true to the url)
And inpect the repeating group, if you click on it it will show you the data source and the item count.

Sure thing:

The filtering should still return more than 23 results. I tried as Full List as well and still only got 23 results, but does it limit that by page size?

I think I may have found what’s going on. The API defaults to returning 30 results which I’d set to return more results via the parameters. When I removed the filter in the debugger, the API result is only showing 30 results. Is there an easy way to see the full GET string from an API so can see whether parameters are properly passed?

Fixed… I’d failed to save the API updates when I added additional parameters.