Repeating group not showing in "Display list in Repeating Group" workflow

I have four workflows on my page. In the fourth workflow, I can display a list in the “navItems” repeating group:

But on the first workflow on the same page, when I try to display that list, “navItems” doesn’t show up in the dialog:
Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 10.35.05 (2)

My goal is to display a repeating group (hidden by default) after having displayed the list (to not load data that isn’t visible by default, in order to improve performance). If Bubble by default doesn’t load data in a hidden element before that element is made visible, that solves my question.


A better way in this case would be to control when the rg loads data by having its data source being empty and only loading data via a condition or conditions placed on the rg itself.