Repeating group not sorting by "today's" date

Hello Everyone!

I’m trying to build a view that is sorted by today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday structure using four repeating groups. Could be projects or tasks. In this case it’s tasks. I’ve already built a working version in another dashboard to schedule projects. But for the life of me as I try and recreate the functionality in a new app it does not work. Specifically when showing tasks with today’s date or tomorrow’s date is the issue. “Upcoming” works when using < or > to look for dates. “Someday” works by looking for “date is empty”.

In the repeating group “today” it should show only today’s tasks that of course have today’s date.
This is what I’ve done - works in my other app. With the below settings I get a blank row.

If I delete the “date = current date…” and only look for “Completed= no” all the tasks show up like below:

So I go from no tasks to all the tasks. Here is the database structure fyi.

Seems like this should be very simple. Curious what anyone thinks and if they have any guidance.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, @hoosierking… if I understand your post correctly, try using two constraints that look like the following.

Date >= Current date/time:rounded down to date
Date < Current date/time +(days): 1 :rounded down to date

Hope this helps.


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