Is there a limit on number of items loaded in a repeating group?

I’m not talking about the limit of 500 items displayed on “fixed list” view mode.

I’m talking about loading, for example, 10.000 items on a repeating group so I can refer it with “repeating group X’s list of whatever”.

So far I’ve tested with 1.700 items and it went well.


I’m not sure about that but note that you can also just shove a list into a custom state. I wonder what happens with very large lists? If you don’t need the visual components offered by a repeating group, a custom state offers a “handle” to that list in the same way that “RG’s list of Things” offers.

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Oh thanks for that tip! Also… would there be a known limit on the list size that can be loaded on a state? :upside_down_face:


Does anybody know the answer to Vini’s question above?

I’m assuming the limit is 100k?

If I shoved a list onto a state (via a search) that was 100k items (or over) would I then be able to pass that simply to the backend on a scheduled Api workflow? or would passing a list that big over to the backend cause bubble any timeout issues etc?

I understand that if i “DO STUFF” on a giant list it will cause issues, but my question is can i initially just “send the data over in the first place” without issue?

For broader context, I am thinking about bulk emails and trying to figure out if I should break a large list down into ‘smaller clumps’ on the front end and pass them to the backend in the smaller-clumps OR to pass the whole list over in one go, and break them into smaller-clumps on the backend…

Struggling to get a clear answer on this so would REALLY appreciate someone clever chipping in.

thank you

Have you tried it?

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I’m aiming to build something future proof and want to get my conceptual ducks in a row before starting. Currently I do not have enough data to test this out in any meaningful real world way. Of course I could create 150k unique dummy items but was hoping that there was someone who already knows the answer/tried it, before I reinvent the wheel…

Fair enough…

In my experience, 10k things on a page is about the absolute upper limit of usability - and even then it will be slow, and come at high WU cost.

Although I’m not too sure why you’d want to do this anyway?

Thanks Adam.

As to why, the idea is to have an easy to use email system that allows us to ‘construct’ a list of users in a repeating group on the front end, press “send” and whatever is in that repeating group or state (ie “the send list”) gets emailed to. The back end mail action would simply receive a list of users for the “to” field then do it’s thing.

As its all done in the state, there’s no database writes, saving WUs, and avoiding conflicts if multiple lists are constructed.

Hope that makes sense.