Repeating Group Item # doesn't work

I have a repeating group and I want to display a particular item number that I’m grabbing from a URL parameter. However, it doesn’t seem to accept that.

I even changed the item # to a hardcoded 1 but it still doesn’t accept it.

It wants me to continue building the expression…

A repeating group has to display a list (that’s what it’s for).

So it’s data source MUST be a list of things (not a single item from it).

If you don’t need to display a list of things then you don’t need to Use a repeating group, just use a regular group.

Alternatively (especially if you’re using the repeating group to display a list most of the time), you could use the :converted to list operator to convert the single item into a list of just one thing.

It depends on exactly what you’re doing as to whether or not that would be a logical thing to do (i.e. if you’re only ever displaying a single thing then it makes no sense, but if the RG usually displays a list, and under certain conditions you want that list to only include one item then it might make some sense, rather than hiding the RG and showing a regular group instead).

What I’m trying to do is create an interface that lets you click “previous” and “next” to go to the previous and next items in the list.

I was originally using a regular group but saw a post on this forum saying to do it with a repeating group ("Next Item" in a list i think)

What’s the best way to get the “next” item after a particular item in a table?

I wouldn’t use a repeating group for that, a regular group will be the best way to do it.

In either case, you just need to define the item number, so use a custom state (type number) to define it (have a default value of 1). Call it something like ‘Item Number’. The custom state can be set on any element, but let’s assume you set it on the ‘Group Application’ group

Then set the data source of the group to be the list of items (do a search for volunteer applications) , item # Item Number (the custom state value).

So the data source of the group should look like: Search for Volunteer Applications: item # Group Application's Item Number

Then you just need to set the Item Number using a workflow - when the next button is clicked set it to its current value plus 1. When previous is clicked set it to its current value minus 1 (use conditionals so it can’t go below 1 or above the total number of items in the list).

Hi @adamhholmes I’m hoping you can help me with this again. I’m still struggling with this same issue 19 days later. I’ve gone back and fourth on using a Repeating Group or not, but both ways there is a fundamental problem. I thought the problem merited a standalone post:

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