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Repeating Group Page indicator

Hey guys!

Quick question - is it possible to create conditionality on an element based on the page number of a repeating group? I’m not seeing it as an option.

You can do both indicator and page navigator.

If you create the little navigation dots as individual icons and have them querying against the repeating group to see which state should be active that will allow you to “indicate”. To create conditionality to a count of how many elements are in the repeating group then you will know how many pages there are and have the ability to scroll to the entry - I think that will work.

@john3 would you happen to have an example of the indicate I can see? If not here is a link to a test page I’m using to try and figure it out. test page

Cool added a few icons and logic to the second one - see if that’s the track your talking about and if you can figure it out further… The trick is figuring out what’s being displayed and getting that action onto the icon. You might need to create invisible text fields to hold state values temporarily that you can query - not sure…

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@john3 thanks John! I’ll report back to see if it all worked out.

Hey @john3 I had to reference the item number of the current cell. I thought I had tried that but it ended up working out this go around. Thanks again your suggestion definitely lead me back down that road.