Repeating Group pushing the height of the parent group


I hope someone can help me make sense of how repeating group impact the height of the parent group.

I am using a Repeating Group to display a list of things and the setting is “Full List” with 1 Row and 1 Column.

The Repeating Group is a child of a parent group (Group Key Statistic Tab) that is slightly bigger…

Group Key Statistic Tab is a child of a parent group which is bigger, because there are hidden child group that require the height.

As I understand it, as the list is being loaded on the Repeating Group, the height of the Repeating Group will extend, but as long as it doesn’t extend beyond the parent group, the height of the parent group won’t get effected.

However, when I preview the page, that is not the case. There’s also seems to be a big gap at the bottom.

Any idea how I can solve this?

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i think the ugly way i solved this in old responsive was to make a group that has that height of the gap and make it invisible but collapse its height.

why does your RG have to be so tall though?

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It is a dynamic RG which means the number of items varies. Sometime there are 9 items some times there are 3. So for 9 items the RG will increase in height and for 3 the height collapse back.

That is what I wanted anyway.

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