Search Result of Repeating Group Data Source

Hi, I have an input that I am using to return results in a repeating group. I put display a list and I am confused on what to put in the data source after the input. Any ideas?

I’m a little confused on your goal, but the Display list action, is used to “fill” a repeating group with things. So in your example, the Data source would be set to a list of things – this can come from a Search of things, or a list of things in a custom state, or a list of things you have previously stored for each user, etc.

Ok, so I’m trying to get search results from a repeating group. How can i do that?

Okay, so you already have values in a repeating group? What do you want to do with them? Save to database? something else?

So, I have a page where i upload data to the repeating group and I want to be able to search for a certain value in the repeating group.

The things in a repeating group can be filtered to meet your need. You would reference the repeating group element’s List of things, then :filtered with your search criteria.

Sorry, I’m a little confused, I’m new to this. Can you explain more in depth.