Repeating group show only friends of friends

Hey there,
I have set up in the user database a new thing called „friends“
1.When the current user wants to be a friend with a current cells user he triggers a button.

2.The workflow will save in the friend thing:
Add the current user email to the current vells user
and vice versa.

  1. Now i want a repeating group which shows only the friends of my friends (something like „people you may know“ repeating group.

One success is made i filtered the current user out but it also shows the current cell user which is allready a „friend“ of mine.

Hope somebody can help :raised_hands:!

For this purpose I will call the data type field for users name: UserName

Once in your repeating group of users - data source:Search for users, now include a rule: UserName doesn´t contain Current user´s UserName.

You can also add Current cell user´s instead of Curren user´s

It works for me but I´m not a techy and I´m not sure if it´s clear