Add and remove friends

Hello everyone,

I have a question/problem.

I want to make a repeating group that contains all my friends. Adding them is no problem, but when i delete someone, their entire data (,name email, birthdate, …) is also removed from the database. By doing so, I wount be able to add them back. Is their a way to delete a friend without removing the data of that person.

You need to have a separate data type in your database (you can call it “friend”). Then you will add a field of type “friend” (Make it a list) in your User data type.
Now when you want to add a friend to your friend list, you can do it by workflows : Make changes to current user > Click on “+Change another Field” button > and use the following formula: “friends add parent group’s friend” or “friends add current cell’s friend” whichever is applicable.
Parent group/Current cell refers to the parent element and the parent must have the data type “friend”.

You can show your friends in a repeating group by using the data source:
Current User’s friends

Are there any risks if you want to delete friends?

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