Repeating Group showing wrong list

Hello Fellows,

Thanks for helping out on my last post. I’ve learned that I need to make the Data Source a list to show in RG’s cells.

So I managed to finally show something, however it is not exactly what I wanted.

See, I would like to show one users’ all guesses on all 6 matches, but the system shows all guesses on Game 1 from different users .

Here’s some screenshots showing the Editors, AppData and Preview

I guess the reason is that the RG acknowledges the list be a list of all My Guesses, as such, it show all Game 1 on this list, right ?

Did I structure the data wrongly ?

I’m thinking I might’ve approrach the “List of Guesses” from User’s account (i.e. add a field in list format in User Data Type to record their guesses" ? @lindsay_knowcode

Well well it’s Mr. list of HELLO man.

No repeating group needed because you are only showing one thing (or row in your database). You just need multiple texts in a group, one showing Game 1, one showing Game 2, etc. The group would be type “My Guess” and it depends how you want to find this “My Guess” Would you want a dropdown picking a User and have it find the User’s guess?

Change the “User handle” field though to just “User” and change it to the type User. Then you can directly assign which User made that guess. Then store the user’s handle under the user themselves.


I’m not sure if it’s the correct database structure regarding the games, you are hardcoding a limit of 6 games per guess… not sure if that’s intended.

Understanding how to structure the database is a really big thing to wrap your head around. If you haven’t worked with Databases before, it’s going to be a frustrating first hurdle. :slight_smile: I wrote a blog post about it here that might help if you think about it like Spreadsheets


Yes it was intended as I am trying to make it work at the minimum number of everything (games, fixtures, teams, users).

I’m trying to work it given your instruction. Need a bit more time, can be frustrating yet interesting journey.

Thanks for sending help.

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OK, working on in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome. Reading/Learning in progress.

thank you !

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