Splitting a List inside of a repeating group

Hi everyone,
So basically the issue here is that I have a data type with a Lists of options: Mainskills can have inside Digital marketing, data science etc…

I did a simple repeating group but I don’t see each item splitted, so Digital marketing THEN Data science inside the other column, they go inside one column with a this comma.

How can I adjust this?

Edit: Upload of RG

Thank you

Are you looking to do something like this on the right?

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Can you share your RG configuration?

Exactly like this!
Ps: I have uploaded also the RG I made.

Thank you

Sure, done it! thanks!

Not answering your question, but you realize this is simply “Current User”, yeah? :point_down:

Go do the the lessons and crash course video tutorials or you’re in for a world of hurt.


Now: I get the obtuse reason that you did this — repeating groups can only take lists (not scalar/single) values as their source. And Searches always return lists. So searching for the list of users whose email is Current User’s email will return a list with one item in it - the User that is Current User. But this is… “extremely whack” as the kids would say.

Your confusion lies in that you want to display a list-type field on the User in a repeating group so that you can format individual items in that list in a sensible way. What you seek to do is simply display some data about the Current User, but format the “Mainsklill” field (which is a list though you’ve rather misnamed it) in a repeating group.

Note that a regular old group can have a data type (e.g., User) and the source for such a group can be “Current User” and, so, referring to that Group’s User is the same thing as writing “Current User” if the group’s User has been set to Current User (though in other contexts the group’s User might be set to some other User and, hence, the utility of referring to the Group’s User).

But none of this will make sense to you as you’re not grounded in Bubble fundamentals, so go here:

And here:

(Crash Course videos)

… and come back when you’re done.