Repeating group shows all records initially. Not desired

How do I prevent a repeating group from showing all records (things) initially?

Let’s say I have a repeating group showing Employees. I have constraints to show only employees based on the value of another field (element). When the repeating group first loads it shows all employees UNTIL a value has been entered into this other field.

I don’t want to see any employees UNLESS a value is entered into this other field. How do I accomplish this? I run into this situation anytime I have a repeating group. Current practice has been to hide the repeating group until a value has been entered into this other field but I don’t like this method. There must be a better way.


You can do it the way you’re doing it, by hiding until the condition is met, or you can leave the initial data source empty

This is what I was looking for. Hadn’t used the Display List action before so I’d forgotten about it. So leaving initial data source empty as you suggested and applying after the constraint is set is the answer.

Thank you!

Oh dear, typing on a phone is always an adventure. I changed condom to condition. How embarrassing!

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