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Repeating group shows first row of data

I have a repeating group that am populating based on a search box
the problem am having is that when the search box is empty the repeating group
shows the first row of data in the database.
I want it to show nothing
i tried using a conditional on the repeating group saying if the search box input is empty then
make the repeating group invisible, but that does not work for my specific situation for 2 reasons
my repeating group background has a design that i want to show even if there is now information to display
so making it invisible is not visually pleasant for my design
and the second reason is when i type in the search box to make a new search it will make the
repeating group visible with the old (previous search) data for a moment and that does not look professional

Any advice?

Thanks in advance


Never mind, i just figured out that i can set the data source using conditionals too

Damm this bubble software is awesome

Great job development team :slight_smile:

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