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Repeating Group Text: Loading Speed / Alternatives

I fundamentally understand the concept of “is loading” relative to repeating groups and photo uploads, but I’m wondering if there’s a similar concept for dynamic text while it pulls through.

My specific use case - I have dynamic text pulling through into a repeating group. The repeating group itself loads quickly, so setting any kind of conditional or spinner on that isn’t particularly valuable. The text in the repeating group doesn’t pull through quickly, so I have certain elements pulling through quickly and while the page finds the text to show on the remaining fields.

I’ve built a display case that shows the various elements. I’m essentially looking for the loading spinner that shows initially to show until the whole table is full of text rather than having to wait until the blue fields fill in.

Any easy solutions to this one?

Bonus question - am I just structuring this inefficiently? I don’t really have any data in the system yet and there aren’t any users except me so I’m a little confused as to why the text is taking a while to load.

Thanks - any help is greatly appreciated!


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Ah - I see what you mean after your spinner is done there is a lag for the text to appear.
Do you need to show so many rows at once? If you restrict the number of rows shown per load then let them scroll in the repeating group or use another method to show more - I think it would load faster.

I have my repeating groups setup to only show 3-4 per time and they load very speedily with lots of text and other elements inside each cell.