How to do this search?

Hey guys,
I have a realestate app with brokers and agents. On the brokers properties page i’d like to display all of their properties and all sub agent properties. Agents are a list on the user for the broker to reference. I’m trying to merge 2 searches but i’m not sure how to get their agents properties too, what am i doing wrong?

owner type ? user or list of users?

Owner type is the owner of the property so it is just a single user.

Search = list Users

What list of users? Please clarify.

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Even if the search finds a single user, the data type will be a list. And you must have one user.

More → first item

I want all the users though, not just the first one, so how do i get the 2nd agent from the list?


I’m not going to know how many agents are in each brokers list, it could be 10 or 20. I want to get them all.

Use instead of “=” , “is in”

Ah god, so simple, can’t believe i missed it. Thank you.

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