Faster alternative to repeating groups?

I am currently using an external API to load data into my app, however, Bubble’s repeating groups just don’t seem to cut it when it comes to speed. Are there any repeating group/table plugins that anybody would recommend? I did see this plugin but am not sure if it’s a good option.

Thank you in advance!

The speed is not the repeating group, it is the time that the API call is executed, received by the API provider, and the data returned to Bubble and then drawn on the page. Usually expect 1-1.5 seconds for this.

Thanks for your reply! The backend is processing the requests at about 0.1 seconds per call and I get responses to Postman in <2 seconds total. However, Bubble is taking well over 4 seconds to show the data (the spinning icon loads in immediately but it just hangs) - and this is for ten records with only a few data points for each one.

What happens when you try to show the data in a group or directly into a text element? Does it have the same speed display as a repeating group, or is the repeating group element actually slower than a group or directly in the text element?

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