Repeating group with data from 2 APIs

Hi Bubble experts. I am new to Bubble and have the following problem for which I am seeking guidance.

I have returns from two APIs which I’d like to combine into a RG.

The first API looks like this, there are several hundred items:
{“reference”: 1, “amount”: 100},
{“reference”: 1, “fee”: 10},
{“reference”: 1, “costs”: 15},
{“reference”: 2, “amount”: 150}

The second API is called using reference from API 1 in the GET request:
{“reference”: 1, “description”: “some text”, “sku”: “some more text”}

I’d like the rows of the RG to look something like this:
1, amount: 100, fee: 10, costs: 15, some text, some more text
2, amount: 150, fee: 12, costs, 17, some other text, other sku text

I guess that the amount, fee and costs items would be in a nested RG? At the moment I am only able to get these on separate rows.

I have no control of the output of the APIs, although I have created a Python script to combine these into a single JSON, but I was hoping to do this task inside Bubble.

Any guidance on the approach I should take would be most welcome, thank you.

In the instance you need to show the data from API 2, you can just set your data source to be that API and depending on how you’ve set up your API calls you should be able to feed in the necessary data from API 1.

That’s probably not so clear, but I’m struggling how to demonstrate this without showing you in the Bubble editor, sorry.

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In the end I saved the data to my own database and manipulated from there.

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