Repeating group with dynamic rows

My app has a form for my users to fill out the attendees for an event, but I don’t want to have a fixed number of rows.
How can I dynamically control the quantity of rows in a repeating group?
I’ve seen it done in other Bubble apps, I just don’t know how to do it myself. Thanks

You can have a button that adds a new “blank” row to the bottom of the list.

However you will probably have to save the entries to the database as you go along.

When the page loads, create the first “blank” row (unless there are already rows saved) and then go on from there.

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Hi @NigelG, thanks for replying to my post.

I linked the button to increment a custom state, and linked the “ListofNumbers” element to that custom state.
It’s incrementing and sizing the repeating group as I wanted; however, I’m now having an issue with deleting content from individual rows.

I’m breaking up the event into two things

  • Event details (Event name, time, cost etc…)
  • Event attendees (RG list)

I thought that I could create a new “Event Attendee” and link each of them back to the “Event Details”.
I can’t quite get it to work right and repopulate the RG and I’m also concerned that this might slow my app down.

Do you have any suggestions of how to handle this?

I’ve decided that using a form below the Repeating Group would be a more efficient method of adding the data.
It’s somewhat working; however, all my user information is stacking in a list instead of displaying individually in each cell.

I’d rather avoid creating a separate thing for each attendee if it’s possible as it might get cumbersome.


I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.

The displayed values are text elements linked to the parent group which is getting data from the RG data source.

I’ve being struggling with this for ages now, and have tried various things, like adding the inputs as text, but this has a different set of issues.

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