Displaying multiple APIs in One repeating Group

Lets say I got several different news feeds that I can connect via the API Connector:

API 1, API 2 and API 3.

All of them are very similar as they are all feeds, only few fields are different.

How can I display one repeating group with several different API sources to create one advanced feed?

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You could store the data from all of them in one table in your Bubble app, then load your repeating group from that table.

There’s also “merged with”, but since they’re different feeds, I’m not sure if it will work (i.e get data from API:merged with get data from API2:merged with get data from API3).


Merging isn’t the best option at this case as different RSS feeds are working on different data types and it is not really working.

All the RSS feeds are providing ± 20 calls for the recents news, so it is dynamic. How can I add it to my data?