Repeating group with locked fist row

Hey guys, so I have a repeating group and would like the top row locked in position on the page so the data make more sense when scrolling, as there will be quite a bit.

I have moved the headings out of the RG, I have created an RG that just holds the headings and moved that out so it scrolls… but I cant seem to get it working right.

no fixed header - left right, up down

I would like to keep the top of the page visible, have fixed headers under ‘submission’ summary and the table to scroll up down, left and right.

ideas? options?

Hey @stuart4 :wave:

I think what you are talking about is that you want a ‘sticky’ header. Check this out: NoCodeMinute - eLearning Hub

Hope that helps! :blush:

that is exactly what i need… and I almost have it working well… just a bit a the end is causing it to move… a little more playing around i think



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Yeah. I wonder what that is about. Hmm :thinking:

yea, I am going to go back to basics replicate one of these and add in my elements after to see whats up TIL how to do sticky groups - #5 by rico.trevisan

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So I ended up using a partial solution of the above using ‘sticky’, however I couldnt get the row to fix past the total height of its first element for whatever reason, and i think it had to do with being conditional of index = 1. Removing this made the header present in all rows.

Creating the header out of the repeating group caused a n issue where the header would wrap no matter what css I applied.

I eneded up creating two repeating groups, one for just the headers and fixed at 1 row and this did the trick.