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Repeating Group within Repeating Group, duplicating information

I’m having two issues with a nested repeating group.

1: Data is being copied across them

2: There’s extra white space despite being ext. Vertical and if I make them smaller manually, then “Add Customization” starts getting all cluttered

I’m tagging the following people b/c I know they’ve solved it/done it before but I don’t understand their solutions.
@raymond @gf_wolfer @saeed.t.richardson @fayewatson @romanmg

Here are the links to the public page:
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Also after I do this, how do I send the data to another page and reference them?

Thank you for whoever ends up helping me. I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Hey @jasonl527 :slight_smile: Welcome to the Forum!

For 1, the data looks like it is being copied across different cells because the inside repeating group Does a Search For all Customization Groups (no constrains in the search):

This will display the same information in each cell, unless you add a constraint which specifies to only show Customizations in the inside repeating group, which are associated with the Current Cell’s Customization Group. When a new Customization is created, would you like to associate that Customization only with the Customization Group where it was created?

For 2, I just adjusted the inside repeating group by changing the number of rows default from 9 to 1. Then I changed the outer repeating group default number of rows to 12 to decrease space between cells. Alternatively, you can use ‘full list’ for the inside repeating group, which will automatically display all of the Customizations from the search.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself :raised_hands:

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@fayewatson Thanks!

You articulated what I wanted to do which was to add constraints so that the “Repeating Group for Customizations” only search within for the current cell’s data. However when I’ve tried to do so, I cannot seem to find the correct constraints to do so OR I end up in this never-ending constraints search loop.

It’s possible my data types aren’t correct either.

I’ve tried constraining the Customizations to only the current cell’s customization data, but that didn’t appear to work either.

Also is there a better way to limit repeating groups besides using a count system like I did in my workflow (the event is in blue)? I know the whole point of an ext vertical is to go on forever, but I just use it to take up the white space. I only want 9 Customization per Customization Group and max of 4 Customizations Group and then somehow limit the total number of Customizations to 21.

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No problem at all! :slight_smile:

Right now your Customization Group Data Type has a single Customization field:

Since a Customization Group can have up to 9 Customizations, and you’d like those to be associated with the Current Cell Customization Group where it was created, I would first delete the Customizations field you have, and create a new field, called CustomizationsList, for example (Type: Customization, List: Yes).

Currently a Customization Group can hold only one Customization value, so that’s why we want to change this to allow for multiple Customizations within a CustomizationGroup. There are more than one ways to do this and some other posts in the forum talk about how best to structure data, but I would also recommend also adding a field to the Customization data type which stores the CustomizationGroup it belongs to. For example, this could be: “CustomizationGroup” (Type: CustomizationGroup, List: No). This would not be a list because each Customization can only have one Customization Group.

Once the CustomizationsList field is set up on the CustomizationGroup Data Type, and the CustomizationGroup field is set up on the Customization Data Type, let me know and then we can adjust the workflows so that when a Customization is is created, it is associated with the Current Cell’s CustomizationGroup.


Thanks! I managed to figure it out with your help. I think I get how data works better now. Huge help

Now I have this problem where The Repeating Group for Customization Types collapse when I start typing, but re-appear once I’ve submitted. It’s not a huge problem but sure is weird.

My pleasure! I think it was happening because of this visibility condition on the + button:

I just removed this and it looks like it works as it should now (having the full list be visible at all times).

Also, in the workflow which creates a new Customization, I moved the ‘Make Changes to the Current Cell’s Customization Group’ from this:

To this:

This way the newly created Customization (from Step 1) is added to the CustomizationsList field of the Current Cell Customization Group as well. There are definitely more ways to structure data, and some great posts in the forum about this (example linked below), but this should get you started! Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile: