Trouble fitting items in repeating group - dumb question

hi. I’m having a little bit of trouble filling items into a repeating group. I don’t recall having this problem before.

I’m trying to fit quite a bit of text and some buttons in.

The problem is, when I start putting things down at the bottom of this group, they take the parent page as their parent. They don’t take the repeating group anymore.

i’m sure this is a really stupid question. But how do I adjust the size of the repeating group individual cells so that I can fit more stuff in them?

here are some pictures to show what’s going wrong.

this first picture is showing some of the problems I am having where the repeating group is overlaying itself. These are two different transactions. They are overlapping.

This second picture shows the layout mode in bubble. Do you see exactly what I’m doing wrong just from looking at this? I can’t seem to control the cell height. I need to get a lot of stuff into each cell. At least for now. I may clean this up a little later. But I can’t seem to get things to add to the bottom of the cell. They just take the parent page as their parent. They won’t take the repeating group. Because I guess I am outside of the repeating group at that point. How do I make the repeating groups cell bigger?

What’s odd to me is it looks like it’s pretty big. I have all of those smaller items at the top. Then I have the big text box which shows a bunch of different conditional information. And below that it looks like I have a little bit of real estate left. And that’s why I wanted to put those Delete/Pay/Dispute buttons that you see on the top right. But when I put the buttons down there, they just take the parent page. They won’t take the repeating group.

Thank you. I know this is a really stupid question. But these are the kind of things I get stuck on for some reason.

Uncheck “fixed height” and check “fit height to content”.

P.S. just FYI, you can drag elements in element tree, so if your element was added outside of your RG - just drag it to the RG.

thank you! I think that’s exactly where I’m having some trouble. You nailed it.

It doesn’t have an option for me to fit height to content. That’s what I first tried to do. And then I was trying all sorts of stuff after I didn’t find that. Check this out. This is the layout for my repeating group.

No option for that. Is it somewhere else?

So right now your RG is not responsive, it is “Fixed” and can’t adopt to height and width of child elements. If you’d like your RG to be responsive - choose any other container layout (for example, column) and you’ll have width/height control available.

Thank you! That worked!

I had to readjust every single element inside because they were relying on the fixed parent I guess. That’s where I was going wrong.

So I made each individual element inside the repeating group fixed. That did the trick. Thanks.

But now you child elements are not responsive. If that’s what you need - it’s ok.
If you’d like to make child elements responsive - I highly recommend you to check Bubbles