Repeating Group wraps fields in right column to next row

I have a Repeating Group the has only text fields in it and is configured for 3 rows and 2 columns. Almost all of the text fields read data from a database, two of then, “Units” and “Rentable SqFt” are just labels colored just to distinguish them as different.

In the first image you can see an address field, and to the right of that two number fields. For some reason the second column of the RG pushes the second number field to the next row as if there isn’t enough room for the information but there’s plenty of room as can be seen in the second image below.

I have applied a CSS style to both the cells and the RG with “padding-left” and “padding-right” both set to “0px !important” to try and eliminate any padding that could be conflicting. I’ve also turned on a dotted border only to show the edges of the RG regions. This problem occurs with a border and without.

Anyone have an idea why this might be occurring?
This is what’s shown in the editor

This is what’s shown in Preview

Do any elements have “make this element fixed-width” enabled? Including the repeating group itself? Sometimes similar things happen in my apps when I forget to disable this.

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#1 - Have you looked at the Responsive Tab and tried investigating the margins using “Explain Box Margins”?

#2 - Have you tried putting all 6 text boxes in a group, and making that group fixed width?

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Thank you…

anthony.schanen: I tried various combinations of margin setting and none of them seemed to have any effect, even with the RG as well as with the individual text elements.

robert: I don’t know what is meant by the “responsive tab” reference in your #1 suggestion but while working on the arrangement of the RG as you suggested in #2, I added a small button to the left of the bottom two rows of text and for some reason, purposefully moving the bottom two rows of text to the right fixed the issue. I don’t understand how moving the fields to the right solved the problem of wrapping, but it did.

Thank you both.