Repeating group's column with different parameters

I’m trying to create a board (think trello, kanban) that displays calendar events in each column by date.

I want to use the drag and drop feature to be able drag an event from one column to the next column.

When that event is moved to a new column, the date/time of that event gets updated and populated in that column.

I’ve tried to have 5 repeating groups nested in one drop area, yet the drag function does not support this - it’s only limited to the parent repeating group.

Is there a way in which you can have a repeating group (lets say 5x5), where each column represents a different event parameter?

Is there another approach I should try?

hi @dev44
You need to add “Draggable elements” plugin created by Bubble to your editor from plugins sections

You can read more about this here

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Thanks man took a while but I got it to work!

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