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Repeating Groups not displaying data

Hello All,

I’m sure this is a simple rookie mistake, but I’m having issues with repeating groups. When I try to add add’l entries to be displayed in the repeating group, my entries are not displaying. Only the last entry will display and ONLY if I refresh the page does it even show up. (See the attached illustrations) In the screenshots I’ve already entered “Amanda”. When I hit enter “Greg” will not be added to the list, he will replace Amanda, but that’s NOT what I want to happen and it will ONLY display after I refresh the page. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

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what is your data set in your repeating group?

Hi there, @LegacyApp… if you are trying to show users in a repeating group and the group is only showing the user who just signed up (and therefore, the user who is currently signed in), the issue is likely related to the default privacy rule on the User data type, and that rule is This User is Current User. With that rule in place, a user will only see their own data when they are signed in, so a repeating group that shows users will only show the current user.

If that rule exists on the User data type, try deleting it to see if all of the users show up. You can always circle back later (and you should) and put privacy rules in place that meet the needs of your app.

Hope this helps.



Users. I’m simply trying to capture the input text of first name, email and dept. from the sign up sheet and display it in a text box. Simple.

That was it @mikeloc, thank you sir.

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