RepeatingGroup - Dynamic Sorting


In my app there are several RG’s with a header group above, some columns are actually buttons so a user can sort regarding that attribute/ field (or invert sort order if clicked twice in a row).

That is working and I’m using Option Sets: For every “thing” I want to sort, i have an option set which contains the (exact) spelling of the attributes.

I have a custom state (text) which contains the field to sort for, the table is always sorting at this state. If the buttons for that column is clicked, I then only need to update the custom state with the Display of wanted attribute - with that way I can be sure that there are no typos b/c misspelling the “things” attributes.

Now my problem: This works only, if the attributes of the “thing” are basic types, like text, numbers, dates.
I actually have a thing PROJECT with the following attributes:

  • description (text)
  • street (text)
  • customer (type Customer).

In the RG with Projects, in the column customer I only show the lastname. What dynamic field name is needed for nested things? I tried Customer.Lastname but that does not work…

See the attached pic for better understanding:)

The first workaround would be to store lastname of customer within the project - redundant data. Would work, but I don’t like it.

Is there maybe an option for a “default search field” of a thing? Where I could say sort my Customer and this happens based on prior selected search field? Doubt but I might be wrong here.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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