RepeatingGroup field sorting

Hi. Anybody could suggest on how to put a specific field in front of the other fields in RepeatingGroup?
For ex. I have a type with a list of names. How would I do to put a specific name as a first item of the RG and the rest of the names in alphabetical order.
Thank you!

Try this expression - let’s say you’re Thing is User:

Search for Users merged with Search for Users

The first search would have a constraint: unique ID = the unique ID of the User you want to be placed first.

The second search would have no constraint but you’d Sort by Name.

The first user shouldn’t show up twice with this method. Try it out!

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Thank you for your answer @romanmg! That is what I was looking for and it works perfectly! I dare to to ask little bit more on this regard. :wink: What is the use of dynamic field sorting option in a RG?

Hi @d.norkus, glad the solution worked!

Dynamic field allows you to set the name of the sorting field dynamically. So for example, let’s say you have a repeating group of Users (Search for Users). And your User type has the following fields: last name, age, city

You can have a dropdown on your page with the same options: last name, age, city

You’d set the RG sorting option to “dynamic” and the value to the “dropdown’s value”

When a selection is made in the dropdown, the RG will use the field with the same name to sort. So, this also means that your options should match the field names of the Thing you’re sorting.

Hope this makes sense!


Thank you, @romanmg. It makes a lot of sense! I got few new ideas on how to improve my page and make it more efficient :wink:

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hi @romanmg
I made a user’s repeating group which has field of list of insutory.
I want to sort this repeating data by the rule of how many industories overwrapp with the custom state. (see below)

I cannot get the result I expect.

Do you have any advise for me ?
Thank you