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Scrollbars and extended vertical scrolling repeating group

I am working on this app. We have two cases:

  1. First case
    1.1. Scroll to the bottom of the first screen.
    2.1. Click the “show RG1” button.
    2.2. You get a huge white space at the bottom (see first image).
  2. First case
    2.1. Click immediately the “show RG1” button once the page is loaded.
    2.2. You get a smaller white space at the bottom (see second image).

Basically, scrolling one RG affects the scrolling behavior of the other RGs of the same group. I would like, in the first case, the white space to be the same as in the second case.

How can I achieve this while maintaining Layout style = Ext. vertical scrolling for both RGs? I.e. I want the behavior of the scrollbar to be reseted every time I click on a RG of the group. thanks


Vertical space is managed by stacking all content groups on a page vertically. Set them all to be invisible and to collapse when hidden. And using visibility conditions reveal them as needed one at a time.

hey @cmarchan thanks for the reply

hmm but repeating groups do not have any such option as “collapse this element’s height when hidden”. I tried to check this option for the group containing the two RGs, but it did not help.

You can try putting the RGs in a group each and set up the visibility conditions on these containing groups.
The containing groups will allow you to set the ‘collapse when hidden’ property. that should fix it

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@blurapps true that works. so there is no other more elegant solution to this one, right?

There’s no other solution that I know of.
But when it comes to white spaces and gaps this is usually the best approach.

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