RepeatingGroup with 1 row scrolling on Safari

Hey guys, is anyone else having issues only with Safari?

I’ve getting reports with variations of this same behaviour. Basically, when a repeating group with a fixed 1 row, on Safari, if they scroll down the screen while having the mouse pointer on top of it the repeating group, Safari tries to force several rows inside that parent-group, where Bubble just show a blank white space as the rows below the main one for Safari browser.

That only happens on Safari, it happens in repeating groups with images, texts, with “card groups” as well as simple repeating groups with there’s actually several rows, on which that behaviour shows big white spaces (like 7 actual rows of height), and then the second actual row of records, with its own 7 rows of white space), then the 3th and so on…

We don’t have anything hiding scrolling bars.

Noone else? Jesus, I’m def doing something wrong then

Update: I’ve noticed that if I setup a maximum height on the repeating groups with only 1 row, then that behaviour dosn’t happen anymore in Safari. But I still have repeating groups with 20 rows, where each row is getting this huge white space on Safari.

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