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I am struggling for some time with this apparently simple setup. In my app admin dashboard there is a list of users. By clicking the settings button a User page will open, Up until this it works fine and I can display all relevant user data. However, the app has a separate thing called “Equations”. Every user can create as many equations as they want. On their page I would like the admin to see the list of user’s equation.

At this point, it always displays only the “Equations” that belong to a logged user (in this case me, the Admin), an not of the user whose page this is. I have used a User data source for the page, and for the element that lists user data. For the second part, the elements data source is “Equation” and I use Search for Equation as data source, with constraint “Created by User”.

This is where I am blocked. Needles to say I am a newby to Bubble.

I appreciate any advice you may share.

Kind regards


Hi @bo11

Can you give us more details/screen shots of this workflo?

And also, more details/screen shots of the repeating group you are using to show User’s Equations…

It sounds like you might just need to change the constraint on your search for equations from Created by = Current User to Created by = Current page's User. Have you tried that already?

Also, make sure you don’t have any privacy rules that prohibit the admin from seeing data created by other users.

Hello, I am attaching here few screenshots in hope it might clarify the issue.

First of all, it all starts will all users listing at the admin dashboard page, please see the picture. You can see the setting of the repeating group.

By clicking the cogwheel (settings) button, the following workflow starts:

Now at the user page there are two parts. Top one with the user details which works fine, and bottom where I need to list information from a thing called “Equation”.

Following images shows the settings for the repeating group supposed to list Equations, one that does not work.

I have tried different constraints, or with no constraints at all, but with no results.

Hope this helps a bit and you might give me an idea what to do with this.

Kind regards


Do you have any privacy rules in place on the Equation data type?

:point_up_2: As @mikeloc said, probably you have some privacy rules avoiding you to see this equations. Can you check them?

Try creating a custom state (“SttCurrentUser” type User) on the page and use it to identify/reference the current user instead.

Thanks, you were 100% right. I did look into preferences earlier but I gave it a second try and found I havent set User permissions for Equation data.

Kind regards


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