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Current Page User for admin dashboard

I’m really struggling to understand this concept. I have created a dashboard with a repeating group where users can add orders. As admin I want to be able to see all users orders in this group and update data as needed. I set up the page as type user, as explained in the bubble tutorial. I have also used a constrain in the repeating group to only show when created by current page user. How do I log in as an admin and see all users orders in the repeating group but not allow regular users to see other users entries, only their own.

Here’s the app Link it’s the dashboard I am talking about.

You can go to the conditional tab of the RG and place a condition to change the RG source if the current user is an admin.

Just add a yes/no field “admin” for data type user. And add a condition to the RG so that the admin can see all user’s data.

Link to my demo and click template for bubble editor.
Feel free to dm me if you got any questions.

Cheers, Ada.

Thanks for the example it makes it realy easy

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