Replacing Double Quotes with Single Quotes in Database Items

I’m trying to find any double quotes (") from items in my database and replace them with a single quote ('). For example, as shown in the screen shot below, I would like to replace “Batman” and “Hulk” in the first and third Topic fields to instead be ‘Batman’ and ‘Hulk’


I have tried workflows Make changes to a thing and Make changes to a list of things, and also the Find & Replace operation, but I can’t get it to work.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

It’s not easier export your database, make a changes and import again?

Thanks for your response, @ualdir

I don’t believe so as that would add to processing time and complexity to something that Bubble seems able to handle natively and very easily once I figure out how to use the Find & Replace operation.

Are you thinking something like Parabola or Zapier?

If you just need to replace it in frontend (so doesn’t really need to update DB), you can use :find and replace. But " into Find and ’ into replace. That’s all.
If you want to update DB, you can Schedule WF on a list or do Bulk operation. Use the same find and replace function on the topic field

Also you can use Regex (Regular Expression) to execute that.

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Thanks @Jici I will take that approach.

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