Reponsive tags in RG

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create responsive tags in a repeating group (I’m using the new responsive engine).

Basically, I’m trying to achieve this:
Frame 7

But the result I have so far is:

What am I getting wrong?
Here’s a link to page
Here’s a link to the editor

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Hey fbnc, maybe not the solution you are looking for but using the multidropdown (plugin by Bubble) you can create something very similair:

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Hi @fbnc.vntrs,

Searching the forums for “tag cloud” should yield a few results. @gerbertdelangen’s suggestion works well if you don’t need interactivity. If, however, you want to execute a workflow when a tag is clicked, then here’s another approach using a RG.

Good luck.

Your example is gorgeous sudsy. One minor thing, with a little creativity you can make the multidropdown pretty interactive. No where near as interactive as the RG but usually enough for a tag cloud.

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Did not realize that. Hadn’t actually tried though. Good to know! Is there a working example around anywhere?

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It is actually an input element, so just install the plugin, add it to the page and use regular actions like create or make changes, also it is possible to use the event “an input’s value has changed”. Unfortunately it is not possible to have a different color per tag, but for that your solution can be used.

Sure, but how does that enable one to respond to a click on an individual tag?

Hi @fbnc.vntrs !

Change this:

This sould fix this behavior :wink:

That doesn’t result in the desired layout/behavior for me. Do you have a working example you can share?

Thanks a lot @gerbertdelangen and @sudsy for your answer. @sudsy, your solution works perfectly. @rpetribu changing the scroll direction doesn’t solve the problem.

For me, worked. :wink:

The repeating group will adapt to the width of it’s container. In this case, it is the page itself, but could be any group.

Probably you missed something.

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