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Clickable tags from Option Set shown as tags in Input field

Hey guys,

I searched the forum for quite a while about clickable tags but did not find the solution to my case.

I want to build something like this:

Users can click on the lighter blue tags to select skills which are then shown in the Input field as tags and disappear as selectors in the light blue tag area.

The tags in the input field can then be clicked away again via the x.

Moreover, the light blue tag area contains a fixed amount of tags. It “refills” tags automatically once a tag is clicked.

Does anyone know how to do such a UI element?

Hello @alessandro

Multidropdown element and repeating group handling texts :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for your response!

But unfortunately, this does not result in the UI I would like to create.

As described above, users can click on the light blue tags which then appear as selected in the input field. A multidropdown element does not work here.

Hi Alessandro,
Have you found a solution to this ?

unfortunately not :confused:

Thank you for taking the time to reply. No solution on my side either.