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Report Page that Totals Non-Database Subtotals

I’m creating a page to see how many members have not transferred to the new platform, and the costs I’m losing from them not transfering.

Depending on their membership level the cost is different so I needed to multiply them separately.

Now that I have all the totals for the different ones I want to do a total price. Since I’m not recording these numbers to the database I’m not seeing a good way to sum them all up.

Since the display is only in a text field I can’t use this in the formula for the Total text field. I feel like I could just add in all the formulas into the final one, but if I remember correctly “order of operation” does not work, so I would not get the correct calculation. I also thought to use Calculate SumProduct, but anytime I add the different formulas in the Lists I just get red text(I’ve tried CalculateSumproduct). Is there another way to do this that I’m just missing? It seems like a pretty basic thing which I would be surprised if Bubble could not do.

Anyone have any suggestions on this?