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Summing up sub total from Repeating Group

Dear all, hope you can help!

I do some calculations within a Repeating Group (red: quantity x price = subtotal (yellow 0).
Outside of the repeating group I would like to sum up (blue) the subtotals (yellow) towards one total sum ("To be calculated).


Any thoughts?


How is your database organised? I am assuming you have a data thing called Order which has a list of Parts attached to it. Are you saving in the database the quantity of parts which are being bought?

ID / name / quantity / price
#within one order always the same / apples / 2 / 1€
#within one order always the same / bananas / 5 / 2€

Already tried it multiple ways with search for but never made it …

Add a field called “subtotal”.
Make sure that when an Order is created the subtotal price is also calculated and added to the database
Now on your repeating group, rather than showing an element which is price*quantity, just show the order’s subtotal.
Add a workflow that is triggered when the “input quantity is changed” which recalculates the subtotal.
On the element outside the repeating group, you can put the dynamic text “repeating groups, list of orders, each item’s subtotal, sum”

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awesome! worked out! Thanks @nico.dicagno
Thought I could do it with outobinding somehow but didnt think about the separate workflow

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