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Report with dynamic information X tables, images, etc

I need to generate a report with great print quality and dynamic data, bringing several tables, with images, etc…

Without being the pdfconjurer, is there any way to generate something in this sense?

There are some plugins that capture screenshots, but it doesn’t solve my problem, because the final jpg resolution is low and also, the biggest problem is the page break.

Here are some examples of reports I need.

I appreciate it, in case anyone can help me.

A given application has options for the user to interact in the editor, bringing the information already pre-configured. Something in this sense would also be perfect.



Hey @jaguarconsultoriadig

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible natively in Bubble, but as you mentioned, there are quite a few plugins that offer this sort of functionality. Sounds like you’ve already tried PDFConjurer. Have you tried anything else? For instance, something like → Advanced Export to PDF Plugin | Bubble

Give it a look and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with anything else. You can reach our team directly at [email protected]

Thank you for your interaction with my post.

But I’m leaving my dissatisfaction, as I’ve been through several tools like Bubble and Bubble is the only one that doesn’t have a report generator.

I recommend, if I may say so, urgently thinking about implementing a Report Generator, as it is the basic of all Generators (No-Code, Low-Code, etc…)