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Reporting on a list - sums & grouping data

Hello Fellow Bubblers.

Im building reporting on a list of shifts (based on a roster) and need to extract and display data in quite specific ways and Im looking for advice on the best approach (that doesn’t consume all my dreaded Wu’s)

I have a list of shifts, with a date, shift type , shift length and employee. Employee and shift type ate linked to their own things.

I start by limiting my search to a list between certain dates, grouped by employee with a count on shifts and total time spent working that period. All good!

But then I want to break that same data down by shift type (which may include blanks), showing count of that type of shift and time.

I tried using nested repeating groups but the search in the child RG can’t reference the Employee
If I group by 2 things (Employee and Shift Type) I get the employee listed twice :frowning:
I’d like that data to be all shown on one line with employees, total hours and total shifts then a breakdown of time and count running across the row for each shift type they worked

Just can’t get my head around the right way to do this - advice appreciated as I’ll want to set up something similar for graphing results as well.

I’ve also got the Floppy Plugin but haven’t extensively used it. I can load Floppy with the original search criteria and could reference that if someone can point me in the right direction?

Thanks JW

I resolved it by rubber duck debugging. Its a complex report because it can handle unknown number of users and unknown number of shift types but it loads in a couple of seconds. If anyone’s interested in my approach let me know.

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