Representing an specific value with circles or any figure

Hello everyone! I have a question regarding the representation of dynamic values with some icons. The thing is I’m creating an app that allows users (speakers) to create events with a specific amount of available seats. So the users (participants) can book a spot for the event. Right now I know how to create a dependency between booked spots and available spots. However, I want to represent that with green circles that represent available seats and red circles that represent booked seats.

For example. Imagine an event has been created with 4 spots and right now you have one booked spot and 3 available. As you may see in the image, there are 3 spots, but I want to create that representation with circles to have a better UX.

Thanks in advance for your help

Pregunta Bubble

Hi there, @mzgo2000… assuming you are showing the spots in a repeating group, add a circle icon to the repeating group, and put a condition on the icon to change its color based on the availability of the current cell’s spot. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


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