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Required field indication *

I have not been able to find anything that will show (*) a user that a field is required. Currently I use a text element that is visible when the required field is focused. What are the rest of you doing?


In my case i made the left border red and i saved that as a style. Maybe you can have a similar workaround.

Used in conjunction with the below to highlight required text boxes


Thanks AliFarahat.
I haven’t thought of that one yet.
Would be interesting to see what the others would do.

I used an asterisk icon and made it really small, then put it in the upper left hand corner of any mandatory field.

I also made the submit or save button invisible unless those fields were not empty. “Setting the condition”.

I’ve done this as well but it can take a lot of time. It would be nice if the inputs had the function of doing with a setting. So far I like AliFarahat’s idea most. Any other ideas out there?

  1. Progressive disclosure. Fields that are “optional” can be captured later, so only capture stuff up front that you really have to. Does the user really need to enter that ? Or is it for you ?

  2. Small number of field that are required … Put it in the placeholder “Your Name (required)” … “mandatory” is a poor word.

  3. Large number of required fields … mark only the option ones “Your favorite TV show (optional)”

A red asterisk isn’t a great choice, as it has some readability and accessibility issues.

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Thanks NigelG

  1. I agree and do my development like that as far as possible but sometimes it is required to have optional fields.
  2. It’s also an option that I sometimes use but sometimes the input field needs to be small and there is spacing for the wording.

I agree, the reason for looking at this option is because some developers use * as a standard and a lot of people has become accustomed to the red *

Interesting to see what people do. So far AliFarahat is the winner for me.

I’d like to see some more creative ideas from people :slight_smile: