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Reservation System


I want to build a marketplace. The special thing is that the buy happens if a condition in reached. So, when the condition happens, the seller sells the product to the buyer.
Is something similar to a reservation system of hotels and restaurants. I need to protect the seller that the buyer finishes the purchase.

I have been thinking in charge the user a “fee of reservation”, but this is a little complex to develop, and with a “friction” problem (maybe the user don’t want to make a payment before).

How can I do to make sure that the buyer will finish the purchase and not getting away?


Have you considered using an escrow?
That’s how platforms like Upwork and Fiverr use.

Essentially the money is paid upfront by the buyer and it is parked in an escrow account. So neither party gets the money until the goods or services are exchanged satisfactorily.

Once the exchange is complete, you release the funds to the seller.