Slidebar Menu Sub-Menu / Keep Open State

I have set up a slidebar menu with a number of options and sub-options.

This uses conditionality to determine whether the sub-options should show depending on whether the parent option is selected e.g.

FAQs is a parent option
General, Installation, Products, Payments are sub-options

The conditional trigger is set to this:
When This SlidebarMenu’s current option is FAQs
Show options: General, Installation, Products, Payments

This creates the desired effect by expanding to show a sub-menu, however, because the slidebar menu automatically retracts/closes after “FAQs” is clicked the user then has to re-open the burger menu to select the sub-option.

Is there a way to keep the slidebar menu ‘open’ after a ‘parent option’ is selected but close once a sub-option is selected?


Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 16.24.02

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 16.24.30