Resetting the 'current geographical location' of a search bar input

I’m trying to achieve resetting a search bar input’s current geographical location. If the user wants to do a search in a location other than their current location, i want them to be able to erase the current location by clicking an icon as opposed to just backspacing all the way through.

I tried using a custom state on the search bar input, however that didn’t work.
Has anyone achieved this?

Hi. Have you try doing workflow when icon clear is clicked, Reset Relevant Inputs?

yes, that was the first WF I tried.

Ok try this. Group the Searchbox. Then try WF Reset Data (Element is the Searchbox’s group)

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My apologies for not listing all of the ways that I’ve tried however, I tried that method too. I just went another direction with it. I simply left the searchbox blank to allow the user to put in the desire location zip code, and then added a quick button that when clicked, will display the current user’s geographical location.

thank you for responding to my thread.

Thanks @faisalkarimstubapp this was exactly what I was looking for - I’d tried Reset Inputs and Reset Displayed Data and some other stuff before coming here - you saved me time!!!

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Glad I could help you.

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