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How to reset a search box by a click

I have a searchbox - pickup
its initial value is current users geographical position
you can type in it to select from the addresses provided by google maps search or else you can leave it by default current geo address.


there is a small green location icon,
i want that if user clicks on that green icon, the search-box - pickup value to be set to current geo address.

imagine if you just selected your own address by selecting from the autocomplete list but now you want to put there your current geo location, in this case you need to refresh the page to load the initial value. That job should be done by using that icon…


If the “inicial value” of this search box already is the user’s location, you just need to use the action to “reset group/popup” (and reset the group where this input is) to reset the input to its inicitial state.

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thanks for your answer it helped. previously i tried using reset relevant inputs and it didn’t worked.

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