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Delete default value in search box

hi, has anyone been able to solve this problem ?, when I press the delete icon, the search box is cleaned, I have tried several ways to solve it but without any result, I have tried workflows reset data, reset input, set state value (yes / no), does anyone know any method to implement it?



Pls try to put the search box inside a group then create wf action to reset the group to clean up the SB


Hi anwarsby, I already did what you mentioned before, but it doesn’t work.


I need some clarification… So it currently works when clicked and the text is cleared “the search box is cleaned”? So you already have the functionality?

I believe OP is saying that “the search box is cleaned” is the functionality they want, and they can’t get it working.

@joelalcudia, with a simple test on this end, I was able to clear the contents of a search box with the Reset data workflow action, so I’m curious why it’s not working for you. I assume you are using Bubble’s standard search box, and you created the delete icon, yes? Can you share screenshots of the setup of your search box and the workflow that isn’t working?


Exactly why i’m asking for clarification; reseting the data of a parent group works if you want to clear it… and stated “when I press the delete icon, the search box is cleaned” so its possible they wants something else to happen

Ah, good point, @ell1… “cleaned” is definitely an interesting word choice, and you could easily be right that I have misinterpreted what OP wants… so clarification definitely couldn’t hurt.

Hi @ell1 Hi @mikeloc indeed, I also found it strange, the search box has a default value the central location of a map that is the current location of the user, when the user clicks on the clear icon, deletes the initial content to enter another address, but it does not happen nothing.

So it’s resetting back to that default.

I’m on my phone atm so may not be best reply; but if you do it to parents group and set the parent group to be an empty value of type address.
On page load or whenever it’s made visible, display data in the group, setting to the value used as default in the picture.
Then when you reset on button press, it’ll go back to being clear

I also tried and I had no success, I added the condition to change the default value of the search box when I press the icon, I don’t know if you mean that, annex capture.

So… when you set something in the edit, this is how it loads.

Conditions like that, happen when true… so when the button is pressed, the default value will be cleared (but when you release, the default value will shift back).

I’ve set it up as I poorly explained above, hope this helps :slight_smile:


Editor (should be editable):

oh! I see what you are trying to tell me, but the problem is that if I change the type of content in the group, it will affect me a lot, I have several conditions and workflows in the app when the parent group is not empty, unfortunately bubble does not throws the option of changing the type of group content when the parent group is empty, so changing it would solve this problem but cause others.

Although you have given me a new idea, I can create another group with the conditions that you show me and replacing it when the parent group is not empty by the group that is currently, it is the only thing that occurs to me.

You should be able to use any group, as long as you point to it in the search box and set that.
Hope you figured it out anyway :slight_smile:

Worked for me: you could do it with using state and then to reset de searchbox, you need to set the value of the state with a blank
you put in the searchbox (default value searchbox = state), then to reset you make a workflow (state="")