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Resize font on condition

Hi there,

I want to let users add data and then display it to them. However, if the data entered is too long it messes up my whole design. See pict.

How can I resize the font if the data value is too long? My guess is that it must have something to do with conditions, but I just cannot get it right.


Yep, on the condition tab of the text element, you can change the font size when text :number of characters is > a certain number. In your case, try 9 or 10 characters.


Thanks a lot, it works!

Some text element’s conditions don’t appear to have that as an option.

Use the dynamic expression that generating the text instead. So “Search for user’s email: number of characters”

There is no mathematical operator after the expression “:number of characters”

I can add “:count” after number of characters, and then finish with the math operator “> 28”, but it still doesn’t work.

OK, it looks like the term “:sum” is the key. It works now.

Still, it seems like an overly complicated way to format the text in an element. It would be a lot easier and more logical to have this as a native option in the “This Text” dropdown.

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Is this for a single user’s email? Because right now that expression adding up the total number of characters for all users in the database. A “search for user’s email” is going to return all user’s email addresses.

Just want to check - because if you are just wanting to look at individual emails, this should be “Search for Users:first item’s email: number of characters > 26”

It searches…narrows it down to one email. Is there a more elegant way to do this?

Instead of the search, you can grab the name directly from the dropdown: “Dropdown listing agent (edit)'s value’s full name: number of characters > 26”

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That’s much better. Thanks.