Cutting content in the Text element by a given number of characters

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Is it possible to limit content in a text element by the number of characters (not in the input field, but in the “text” element)?

Right now you can do “dynamic trimming” of content if you set the height of the text element, and if the content doesn’t fit in the block, the displayed content is automatically trimmed.

This doesn’t really work for me, I have some animation when resizing. And if the text is very large, the animation is very “slow”, made “jerks” instead of smooth movements. I assume this has to do with calculating the output in the text element, especially if the text is displayed with extended formatting.

No matter how I’ve tried to get around this, it doesn’t work. Therefore, the solution may be to output a certain number of characters in the text element, regardless of the change in block size in height or width.

Maybe someone had a similar problem? Is there a possible solution?
In the “Input” element there is a possibility to trim by the specified characters, but in the text element there is no such possibility.

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On the Text Element can you add a conditional for if This text's:number of characters > 20 then set the Text to be This text:truncated from end to 20?

No, I can’t select this value in the condition, it’s not in the list of possible values for the text element. Only “dimensions”, “visible/invisible”, “clickable/non-clickable”, custom state, etc. But there are no actions with characters…

I know but is the text ever something Dynamic? Whatever it is you have in the Text field under appearance is what you reference in the conditionals.

For example it would let you use Parent Group User's Full Name: number of characters

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This might help


Yes, that’s what I needed, I didn’t know where to look for this parameter! Thanks, pal!

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Happy bubbling :slight_smile:

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