Using a repeating group as menu - trying to show/hide groups on the page

I have a menu that I have created from a repeating group.

I have a data type called Menu with the fields -
Name (text)
Option (Options set)

My idea was to create options set for each Menu entry, and then give each group on the page the value of the options set, and then toggling display the group when the corresponding menu group is clicked and hiding all the others.

I am getting lost and am stuck. Does anyone have a simple solution for this?

create a state of the type of option set in your menu, you store here the current menu section.
Every section is set to not visible on page load with a conditional that make the group visible if the current menu section is the same option set of this group.
On click of the menu set the state for the current menu section.

Thanks very much! working now

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